Customer Comments


Jim from Cantonsville, Maryland -- "As someone who purchased quite a few solar lily pad fountains of varying types ... yours is, by far, the best. "


Phil from Santa Barbara, California -- "My froggy fountain arrived ... Nice that the product that you sent was as described, and as pictured, cleverly designed and nicely manufactured. "


Fiorella from Latina, Italy -- "A beautiful object. Buy it! "


Peter from Hackham, South Australia -- " I put my potted plants around under it so when some excess water rains down it waters them. So froggy is also an automatic waterer!"


James from Fairfax, Virginia -- "The fountain is working great -- a curiosity delight to the neighborhood kids."


Jane from England -- "I was looking up solar powered fountains for my tiny birdbath sized pond but they are all just too big ... so when I saw yours it is perfect. ... can't wait for some strong sun to energize him into action!!!!"


Lisa from Hartselle, Alabama -- "The fountain works great! ... All of our neighbors have been over to watch ... sure is fun watching the neighbors stand around and gawk."


LaRita from Chippawa Falls, Minnesota -- "...the frog does work out very well on the pad. I was surprised at how much it is solar powered. ...I'm getting a big kick out of it."


Sandra from Gaithersburg, Maryland -- "The humming bird used the fountain to take a shower."


Sue from Southborough, Massachusetts -- "I received the fountain, and it's bubbling away in my mother's back yard. She loves it. ... the sculpture ... adorable!"


Lucile from Buffalo, New York -- "I left it out overnight. ... In the dark an animal pulled the fountain out of the birdbath (and ate the frog). ... I don't know if it was a dog or a raccoon."


Warren from Woodridge, Illinois -- "I bought your solar frog fountain a while back and really like it. However, the green frog apparently was "attacked" by what I think was a raccoon and was severely damaged."


Carol from the United Kingdom -- "My dog isn't sure about it!!!!!"


Aya from Japan -- "I said Bingo to myself when I found your cute product."

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