Maintenance of the Fountain

Removing algae

It will not be necessary to clean algae from the filter. The fountain has a replica rolex large copper filter at the intake of the pump. Unlike stainless steel or any other material, algae do not grow on copper. Algae will grow on the bottom of the pad, but not affect performance of the fountain. Other debris may accumulate at the filter. If necessary, rinse with running water.

Removing mineral deposits

The top of the fountain will need cleaning once in a while as mineral deposits accumulate, shading the solar cells. Bathroom cleaning solvents such as Kaboom and LimeAway work good to remove these deposits. Abrasives cleansers do not work and may scratch the surface. Brushing 409 on the silicone rubber frog makes it look and feel new again. Rinse thoroughly with water to dilute and remove any remaining solvents.

What to do if rotation stops

There is a tiny hole in the elbow of each brass tube. This allows for a small jet of water to replica watches uk squirt out, creating enough propulsion to rotate your fountain. Once in a while a piece of debris stops it up, even while the plume is working fine. When this happens the rotation of the fountain is affected. Rotation slows down or even stops. The best remedy for this is a bristle from a broom. Pull off a bristle and wiggle it into each jet hole to losen any debris lodged in the hole. The debris will flush out at the orifice and rotation will commence again.

Caution -- Do Not Drop

Solar cells are a glass product. They are about as brittle as a potato chip. If you drop the replica watches fountain on a hard surface, like asphalt or cement, the impact of the fall will probably fracture one or more of the cells. Once that happens the circuit is broken and electrons cease to flow, and the fountain will not work. Pratique cannot be responsible for broken solar cells. Lily pads can be replaced for a price of $95 when available.

Caution -- Do Not Expose to Chlorine Shock

Do not put a fountain in a body of water while in the uk replica watches process of Chlorine shocking the body of water. The brass bushing in the motor will choke with patina and permanently stop the motor. Pratique cannot be responsible for fountains with patina blued strainers. Motors can be replaced for a price of $95 when available.

Caution -- Be Prepared for Frog Eating Animals

Every year someone reports that their frog mysteriously left the fountain in the middle of the night and was found about twenty feet away, badly chewed up. Unfortunately Foxes, Raccoons and other frog eating animals cannot tell the difference at night. These silicone replicas are cold, wet, springy and chewy. Frogs can be replaced for a price of $30 when available.

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