The American made Solar Fountain

These were made by hand.

Now they are made in a factory.

This is how it got started.

The solar fountain still rotates at 4:30 in the afternoon on a hazy day
I loaned a bird feeder to be tested to a friend who said; "We've never really had any birds around here." And that is how it got started. I thought about how to get birds to go to their feeder. Bird baths attract birds. Fountains are even better. But conventional fountains need wiring and plumbing to make them work. A self contained solar powered unit with -- no wires -- no hoses -- no installation -- no panels -- was the ideal. But noboby was making one. It could move around and rotate.
Present fountain In six weeks I had a working prototype. Six weeks later, a patent was pending. I took impressions of real live lily pads for the shape. A year later I had what you see in the photos. I put a copper strainer in it, because algae does not grow on copper. The first 200 were made by hand, in the garage and kitchen. I researched, designed, molded, tested, and produced it. I poured the part in rubber molds, which had to be made from scratch too. They were a little bit crude, but it was still the best there was. No one was making anything like it. Last year we bought injection molds. They make a very nice product, much better than I could make by hand.

It is only 1" deep and 6" in diameter. The plume peaks up to 15", on a good day, at high noon. It was originally designed for birdbaths. But, with that much height, it looks cute in pools and backyard ponds too. It does draw birds. Movement and rotation makes them curious. The falling water makes a nice tinkle sound, as you can hear in the video. Kids wave their hands over it, to cast a shadow. One young lady described it as "dumb entertainment." A journalist mentioned it in an article.

The frog was sculpted by Denise Mickilowski specifically for this fountain. Denise was an artist at Julius Lowy Company,of New York City. She restored art of the most well known artists of all time. Now she makes a living at selling her own art. The frog hides the things that make the fountain work. We copyrighted the frog. Our reproductions are tattooed with "Ski" on the hip, short for Mickilowski.

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